Data page (Chp3 Constrained 2011)

Revised October 2009

Data from Chapter 3 of Bailey & Maltzman (2009).

The following files contain data from Chapter 3 of

Bailey, Michael A and Forrest Maltzman.  2009. The Constrained Court.  Manuscript, Georgetown University and George Washington University.

This chapter updates and extends

Bailey, Michael A. and Forrest Maltzman.  2008.  Does Legal Doctrine Matter? Unpacking Law and Policy Preferences on the U.S. Supreme Court.  American Political Science Review 102, 3 (August): 369- 384.

A correction to that paper is available here.

Ideal Points from Chapter 3 of Bailey and Maltzman, The Constrained Court.

This tab-delimited file contains ideal points for each Senator, Representative, President and Supreme Court Justice for each year from 1950 to 2008.  The difference from the ideal point estimates from Chapter 2 is that legal factors have also been controlled for for Supreme Court Justices.  Chapter 2 ideal points are more appropriate for (most) users who wish to estimate inter-institutionally comparable in which the overall policy preferences of Justices or the Court are desired.  (Note: the ideal points are very highly correlated.)

Figure from Chapter 3 of Bailey and Maltzman, The Constrained Court.