Data page (AJPS 2007)

Ideal Point Data from Bailey (2007)

The following files contain data from

Bailey, Michael A.  2007. Comparable Preference Estimates across Time and Institutions for the Court, Congress and Presidency. American Journal of Political Science Vol. 51, No. 3 (July): 433-448.

For updated ideal points based on Bailey and Maltzman (2009), see data page for that paper.

Ideal Points from AJPS

This tab-delimited file contains ideal points for each Senator, Representative, President and Supreme Court Justice for each year from 1951 to 2002.  Details on the estimation procedure and the data are available in the AJPS article and in the data appendix linked below.

Medians [Figure]

This tab-delimited file contains the ideal point estimates of Presidents and the median ideal point estimates for the Senate, House and Supreme Court for each year from 1951 to 2002.  When one Justice replaces another on the court within a given year, the Justice who served longer is used to calculate the median for the year.  One can use the raw ideal point data to make different calculations, if desired.  The medians reported here differ slightly from Figure 7 in the paper which (indefensibly) calculated the median based on all Justices who served on the court in a given year.

Data appendix

This file contains additional information on the data and estimation procedure used in the American Journal of Political Science article.

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